Sexual Abuse

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Texas Law punishes those who violate another person by sexually assaulting them or sexually abusing them. The wheels of the criminal justice system turn tirelessly to apprehend and prosecute these wrongdoers. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system falls short in helping victims get compensated for the harm done.

As a survivor, you are not alone. The Team at El Gallo de la Ley can help you in filing a personal injury lawsuit above any criminal charges brought against your abuser. This isn’t just about the law; it’s about reclaiming your voice, your power, and your right to heal.

A personal injury lawsuit could be your path to more than just justice. It’s a way to seek financial compensation for the pain you endured and to hold your abuser accountable for the indelible scars they etched upon your life. Your suffering deserves recognition, and you deserve a chance to rebuild.

When the victim of sexual abuse is a child, we step in and make the wrongdoers pay.  Being the parent of a child who has been sexually abused, you are faced with a feeling of helplessness, guilt, and anger.  We understand this and can put you on a path that leads to swift justice and support to help your family recover.

Let El Gallo de la Ley be your beacon of hope. Our Brownsville sexual abuse victim lawyers stand ready to extend a compassionate hand, offering not just legal counsel but a sanctuary for your story to be heard. We understand the urgency, the fear, and the longing for justice that beats within your heart

Let your voice resonate. Our free legal consultation is not just an appointment; it's an opportunity for us to stand by you, to listen, and to chart a course toward healing and restitution. In the pursuit of justice, let El Gallo De La Ley be your unwavering ally.


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