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Why Avoid a Notario and Why Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Nobody likes to be deceived especially when it comes to immigration papers. Here is some crucial information to know to avoid being the victim of “Notario Fraud.”

People who are succeptible to being a victim are immigrants that ignore the difference between a Notary Public in the US and Mexico.

The BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between a “Notario” in Latin America and the US is that a “Notario” in Latin America is an attorney and can practice law. They cannot however practice Law in the US  because they are not accredited by the Justice Department to practice immigration law.

A “notary public” in the United States, is NOT an Attorney and is only authorized to corroborate an individual’s identity on legal documents.

When a “Notario” claims to be able to practice Immigration Law in the US and mislead their client it is called “Notario Fraud”.

These fraudsters frequently publicize themselves to the immigrant community to be “notarios” and claim to have the license to practice Law in order to deceive Spanish-speakers.

Please note that a “Notario” may charge large amounts of money even though they ignore Immigration Law and can hurt an immigrant’s case.

What is a “Notario Fraud” and other names they go by:

    • “Consultors”
    • “ Mexican lawyers” 

Typical problems that result from hiring a “Notario are the following:

    • Loss of time
    • Loss of money
    • Misleading to false hopes
    • Irreparable mistake in processing documents

These Fraudsters do get reported to the Texas Attorney General and are subject to getting arrested.

Below are some numbers you can call to report a similar situation or if you have been a victim of Notario Fraud. 


      (800) 252-8011 (State-wide complaints)


      (800) 932-1900 (The Texas Bar Association)


      (877) 388-3840 – A centralized place to make fraud complaints, and report immigration scams and UP

3 Characteristics to look for when Hiring the Attorney you do want to hire. 

1. Professional title as an Attorney and proof of membership with the State Bar Association. 

2. An Attorney focused on Immigration Law. 

3. An Attorney with community recognition and positive public review a successful trayectory.

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